Saturday, December 8, 2012

Armageddon Countdown

It is a gorgeously globally warmed Saturday today in Albuquerque. But as Jim Morrison used to yell, "WAKE UP!" because supposedly, SNOW-mageddon commences in Albuquerque tomorrow. Have you filled up your gas tanks? Finally covered up ye olde swamp cooler? Fixed those outdoor leaky faucets? Made a few last trips to the store for supplies?

Tonight the winds come, then the cold, then the snow. When the local weather guys get all fired up about a forecast for the high desert, usually it is greatly hyped and nada moisture arrives. Hopefully, there'll be a happy medium this weekend with some actual snow-rain-fog-hail-anything-with-moisture.

The REAL ARMAGEDDON is less than two weeks away some (still) say…At least for sure, that is when officially the darkest/longest night of the year strikes and WINTER sets in. Ironically, from 12/22 through Spring, each day gets a little brighter and night time a little shorter. That is, if we are still alive after 12/21/12. I think we will all do just fine on the Big Day. Surving that, we can fall off the fiscal cliff next. There's always PLENTY to worry about. Anxiety is THE way of life in America these days.Always there's a WINNER and a LOSER. Every moment seems to be one big contest. 

So....GO GATORS!, IRISH! LOBOS! and, whomever. You fill in your own blanks, cross your T's, and dot those eyes...'cuz we are all WINNING ! Even in a time of major fresh chaos...

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