Thursday, December 13, 2012


Tonight: the new moon breaks through a very dark night over Albuquerque.
Another great shot at catching one of the Geminid meteors falling through space.
More stormy weather approaches from the west with rain and snow expected by dawn.

Last night:
New York gathered to warm the shredded dwellers left in ruins by Hurricane Sandy.
My favorites: another brick in the wall with Roger Waters and dancing kiddos.
You got me rolling and Jumping Jack Flash's crossfired hurricane with elderly Rolling Stones akimbo.
Gots to get better in a little while sang Eric Clapton.
Pinball Wizard with The Who not to mention See me Feel me one more time and all the world's just a Teenage Wasteland where Rain On Me spoke to the stormy crowd with a great light show, too.
Master musician Bruce Springsteen mastered a number of songs masterfully. Jon Bon Jovi as well and yes, Billy Joel.
And lest we forget, the night ended with Sir Paul McCartney singing quite a few tunes.
Helter Skelter was superb; Live and let die over the top with fireworks popping Sir P's eardrums.

A superb night of rock on 12/12/12...and then, retiring Senator JEFF Bingaman was interviewed by Stephen Colbert.

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