Sunday, December 2, 2012

ABQ Rail Yard Open House

The City of Albuquerque has big plans for the Rail Yards located right on the tracks between Barelas and South Broadway. A once in a blue moon event allowed the public behind the tall barbed wire fences into the cavernous historic rooms where for many years (until the late 1940's) steam locomotives were worked on from the bottom up.

Some sample photographs from my Rail Yards Open House Gallery are shown below.

I have often seen these windows from the outside lit up with bright movie lights; so cool to finally go inside the monstrously huge and historic place.

Looking toward the Sandia Mountains with the New Mexico Rail Runner passing by.

These loose 'bricks' are made of solid wood which helped soak up oils and helped workers who had to stand on them "while working on the railroad all the livelong day..."

Work (mostly planning) is underway to improve this site; in truth though, it may be decades before big results are seen. Meanwhile, it was a fun afternoon spent walking through history and snapping a ba-zillion photographs.

For more... Here's a quick 360 view from inside the Rail Yards on YouTube

For a complete gallery of photographs click over to my Rail Yards Open House Gallery