Sunday, October 20, 2013


FREE is so cool and great and just gosh darn kharmic or something. I have often perused FREE STUFF online and alongside roads and highways (I was a Litter Picker supervisor for several years in Washington State--Totally Great J-O-B, Bob for FREE STUFF).

Recently however been compiling a list of THE MOST RIDICULOUS ITEMS I have seen at Craig's List FREE STUFF listing in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

My list so far...this is all true.

free paint chips, free broken red bricks, free wood you chop down tree and haul off,

Free cassette - The Monets (downtown)
Lots of stuff crub side 

FREE 52 inch big screen tv->Used it for many years, works good just needs a new lamp.

3 calls - 3 no shows WTF PEOPLE??? (abq)
What is with you people wasting other people's time? If you want something that we're graciously giving away, DON'T BE AN ASSHOLE!!! SHOW THE F**K UP WHEN YOU SAY YOU WILL!!! I pulled the damned ads, if you want the stuff now you can buy it at Goodwill!!!

Free glass bottles (Nob hill) (current cokes and stuff)

Free dirt for the taking. Just come and get it.

Free sand. Be nice and leave the tarp!

2 well-used feather mattresses (one queen and one full). Some stains but in okay condition 

Seventh Generation Multi Purpose Cleaner (ABQ)
I bought it and didn't care for the scent. Only used a few squirts of it.


I cut down a dead pine tree;have pile of branches free 
several dry wall pieces different sizes. On sidewalk. Come & get it!


2 NON-working lawn mowers if you want to fix them up.

Remains of an Old Hammock 

Breast Milk - fresh

Jeff Hartzer-What's BETTER THAN FREE?

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