Wednesday, March 13, 2013

EYES-a recent poem by Jeff Hartzer


Your eyes:
circular visions of blue on blue.
Blue windows envisioning
flashing nights on the train.

Sadness in sheets of falling rain,
waterfalls of mirrored moons; 
and ocean vistas
stars on the water.

Your eyes
are alive in my dreams where
I see through my own eyes;
and I remain alive and well.

I am a camera lens, dreamscape clear.

And now,
your eyes are on fire 
With icey streams of clear water melting,
splashing those Atlantic Ocean 
shores of child hood. 

Where always your eyes 
bore pain, suffering, and a derision so pure 
I could barely breathe 
when they shone 
down on me from your ivory-faced madness.

Now, your eyes are cool iris blue 
spiraling through evening twilights
twinkling like morning stars on water;

Reflecting upwards,
your eyes
are on me 
and they burn with blue flame and wind and rain.

Your eyes speak truth
Your eyes are on me

And before you
my eyes fly fast
straight into night
straight into black;
straight into you.

They are striking sparks 
so blue
so blue;

blue blue windows:
your eyes.


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